Adam Sharpe is a 35-year-old man who has been incarcerated in maximum security prisons since 2002. Before you question his expertise on the subject of faith and spirituality, ask yourself this “who has searched more for God and universal answers then the lost?” or “Who more than a man in a dire and tragic situation has looked to the heavens and asked God, why?” How many hours has such a man pondered on how to fix his life?

Over the course of the author’s lengthy incarceration he has spent countless hours painstakingly studying this subject in the word as well as theology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, law of attraction and a medley of related subjects.

The author’s own life, filled with tragedy and tribulation, makes him an expert on exercising the power of faith amongst the dire situations of life. The author believes you will find inspiration (in his story) to manifest your own destiny in Christ Jesus. IF HE CAN, YOU CAN.